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Welcome to the web home of the collective persistent Shadowrun game called Wages of War. Wages is an attempt to create a closely-knit group of temporary tabletop games telling the story of a time period of Seattle in the Shadowrun universe.

How does it work?

Wages of War is managed by several Game Masters who pull from a large collection of players to fill out the roster for each “run” they would like to oversee. A GM has an idea for a run, then sends out mail including place, time, approximate number of sessions the run is likely to take, and the general build of what a successful group of runners would look like in terms of group roles. The players then respond if they wish to take part, and the GM puts together the group.

Can I make a character?

If you live in Seattle and have a person in the group who can give you a character reference to the GM staff, you can certainly create a character. The more the merrier.

Can I be a GM, or add a group I’m already running to the shared story?

Well, if you want to join the GM staff, you need to play in the game for a while so the staff can get an idea of how well we’d work with you. The same goes for if you would like to add a regular game you are running to our shared world. Of course, you are always welcome to use the events of our world as flavor for your own.

Where do I start?

I recommend checking out the following pages in order if you’d like to join our game.

  1. The Rules
  2. The Setting
  3. Character Creation
  4. House Rules
  5. Rules of the Run
  6. Characters
  7. Locations

Main Page

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