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An Interview with Daniel Howling Coyote
Christine Yip, January 1, 2073

CY: Thank you for agreeing to an interview.

DHC: I have news that is extremely important. Your station would only agree to give me time if I answered your questions. Please begin.

CY: Uhhh…yes. So. It’s been years since you were in the public eye. Where have you been?

DHC: Contrary to popular belief, I have not been in hiding. I have a small cabin in Yellowstone that I retired to after leaving the NAN council. Few seek me out, which is as I prefer.

CY: You seem a little bitter about your departure. Is there any truth to the rumor that you were forced to leave?

DHC: I have certain regrets about my time leading the council, but I was not forced out. I was only 23 at the time NAN was founded, very young and full of dreams. It was a hard thing to come to terms with the fact that despite all of the changes in the world, the nature of humanity remained fundamentally the same.

CY: 23? When I was 23 I’m not sure I could have lead my softball team.

DHC: Yes. As I said, it was difficult.

CY: So, that would make you 20 when you lead the walk out of the Abilene Re-Education Center?

DHC: First, let us not mince words. Concentration camp. That is what the “Re-Education Centers” were, concentration camps. We were rounded up and treated brutally. At least until VITAS . . . after that we were simply ignored, and often left to starve as our guards sickened and died. I suppose it was the hunger and desperation that led us back to the paths of our forebears. We had nothing else to try.

CY: Did you know that your shamanic magic would work when you left the camp?

DHC: No. I was terrified when the gunfire started. I was the third person to try this, you see. Louis Shelley was the first – he was a half breed from Portland, Maine who had been in Texas on a construction job when he was put into the camp. He didn’t know much about the traditions of his own people, but he had heard of the old ghost bags of the Plains peoples, and made one up before trying a run for the fences. He didn’t make it. The next person to try was my father.

CY: And that is what inspired you to make your own fateful attempt?

DHC: In a way. After my father was killed, it seemed to me that a quick death was better than slow starvation. I walked to the gate praying that the spirits would see some justice done for what had been inflicted on us. Before I was imprisoned, I didn’t think of myself as a member of a Native American Nation. I thought of myself as an American. I was furious that my rights had been ignored. It seemed the physical world was against me, so I turned to the only one that might be FOR me.

CY: Are you still angry about what happened?

DHC: Is that a joke? I think this concludes the interview portion of this broadcast.

CY: Uhhhh….

DHC: Listen to me. I am Daniel Howling Coyote, who lead the Great Ghost Dance, brother to the spirits of earth and sky. I am come to tell you that the Pale Horse is returning, and will carry many ghosts away to the next world. It returns soon, when the seasons again turn to the time of sleep. So is the wisdom of the voice from the Earth’s rupture. I am Daniel Howling Coyote, and I say these words.

After this pronouncement, the elder shaman removed his microphone and left the studio.

News of the Shadows

Uhhhhhh. . . .

This is a big deal, chummers. No one has heard of this guy in like fifty years, then he comes out of nowhere speaking prophecies of doom? Can anyone interpret this?
FastJack, 16:43:02 01/01/73

Wages of War

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